The Journey of Jillissa
bye bye 18 inches

day 19… 18 inches gone :)

So levi started his ignite pack today.  So far he is doing good.  Not complaining too much lol….

i plan on taking advantage of this awesome weather this week!!!

hoping to get some ignites pack sold this week!!!!

i surprise me

i’m really starting to focus on the business side of xyngular now…i mean i already know it works now i just have to spread the word!!  i made a sale yesterday online to an old co-worker. i made a sale at my sister’s cheat and eat party also :)

it’s kind of exciting talking to people i haven’t seen in years….and to get paid to talk? that could be my dream lol

i’ll post updated measurements later tonight :)

love me

the neglect of the blog

i’m gonna write in this thing tomorrow i promise mr tumblr

took my day off

yesterday I took a day off from xyng….weirdly enough I didn’t really go crazy eating stuff like I thought I would….I did have a pb snickers and for supper enjoyed gizzards and hearts with mashed potatoes and gravy….i know it sounds gross but i love that meal :) i was super full after eating this…

so today i guess i start over for another 8 days….or i might just wing it from now on… we’ll see

i dyed my hair pretty dark and got it cut…i feel pretty good about it :) needed a new look for this new life lol


drum roll please…..

the results are in!! I lost 11.2 pounds and 9.5 inches in eight days!  I’m pretty excited.

So I get to take the day off today and eat whatever i want…i’m also excited about that :)

day 8….a whole newwwww worlddddddd

It was beautiful out today….went for another walk with my sister and my hubby… and then my sister signed us up to be a distributor!  I’m really excited to get more into the financial part of xyngular….

I am waiting until the morning to do my measurements to see how I did during these eight days.  Right now I can say I definitely feel better then i ever have before.  I feel like my life is getting ready to change, and change for the good.  These products have definitely helped me step in the direction I want to go in life.

No matter what that scale says in the morning, I feel great. :)

day seven.

down another pound…walked again at the river, this time with the hubby..

tomorrow is the last day and we’ll see how awesome this stuff really is :)



Think outside of the box. <3


Think outside of the box. <3

Day 6… rainy day

Well today i took two xyng pills.  I also made the most amazing fish!!!!  I’m down 3 more pounds from yesterday and that’s 7.4 total i believe!  I can’t wait to take measurements when my 8 days is up!

Well i’m glad the tornadoes stayed away from my house….i did enjoy the rain however it messed up my dvr recordings for the evening… :/

I’m hoping it’s sunny tomorrow because I really wanna go for a walk.

Oh I also listened to my second conference call for xyngular this evening.

the end :D



Monday, Feb. 27, 2012

As I get more into this blog, I figured it was time for me to share more about myself (not my favorite thing to do, but like I’ve said before, I’m trying to make some changes). I’ve talked a little bit about why I started the Xyngular program, but there are some reasons…